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Fun Stuff

Lego Challenges

Click here to see ideas for 30 days of Lego Play. 

Click here to see Lego Spring Challenges. 


Harry Potter Digital Escape Room

Can you solve the puzzles to escape? Click here to try.


Sock Boule 

Here is a game to play at home.  Click here for the instructions.


The Great Indoors

The Scouts have fantastic ideas for things to do whilst you are at home. Please click here to find out more. 


A Visit to the Zoo

If you are interested in animals, Edinburgh Zoo has live webcams so that you can find out what some of their animals are doing. You can watch the pandas, penguins, tigers, koalas and rockhopper penguins. Please click here. 

Chester Zoo has a great web-site with lots of interesting information about different animals, including information about endangered species and preventing extinction. There are also games and quizzes you can take part in. Please click here. 


A Visit to the Ballet

The Royal Ballet and The Royal Ballet School have made a performance Peter and the Wolf available for everyone to see. The ballet tells the story of Peter, who is told by his grandfather not to go out of the garden because there are wolves nearby. The music was written by Sergei Prokofiev in 1936. A narrator tells the story and characters and animals are illustrated by different instruments and in this case, by the dancers. Please click here to see the performance. 


My Home is My Museum

National Museums Liverpool has designed this fantastic project for children aged 4-11 years. They want children to create their own exhibition or gallery of art works inspired by themselves. Please click here to find out more information.


Easter Activities

Here is a booklet of activities to keep you busy this holiday. You don't need to print out the booklet; most of the activities can be done just by looking at the screen, then copying onto paper if necessary. Please click here. 


Learn about Plants and Fungi at Kew

Scientists at Kew have created some botanical learning challenges for children. Please click here


Visit the Natural History Museum

You can explore the Natural History Museum by taking nine virtual tours! Please click here. 


Scavenger Hunts

Here are some scavenger hunts for different ages:

Mini Beast Scavenger Hunt ages 4-6

Nature Scavenger Hunt ages 4-7

Rainbow Scavenger Hunt ages 4-7

Book Scavenger Hunt  ages 4-8 

Book Scavenger Hunt ages 7-11 


Be an artist...

Can you design a new dinosaur? ages 4-7 

Learn how to draw a woolly mammoth. ages 7-11 


Traditional Toys

You can learn about traditional toys on the National Museum of Wales web-site, then follow the instructions to make your own. Toys include: Cup and Ball, Peg Dolls, Marbles, Skittles, Hoop and Hook, Quoits, Whip and Top. Please click here. 


How to Make a Castle

Watch the video on the National Heritage web-site and make a castle out of cardboard. You can find out how to add battlements, towers and a draw-bridge. Please click here. 


Create a Time Capsule.

Here are some suggestions for things you could include if you would like to create a time -capsule to remind you about what school closure was like. Please click here. 


Visit Monterey Bay Aquarium, California

There are ten live web-cams to choose from so you can experience the wonder of the ocean from your own home! Please cllck here. 


NEW Spring Activity Ideas

Here are lots of ideas and activities with a Spring theme which you can you can try at home. Please click here

NEW Spring Activity Ideas for EYFS

For Spring activities aimed at EYFS children, please click here. 



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