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Year 2 English


Try to read a little every day. You can use the Oxford Owls website for e-books or read books you may have at home. Alternatively, you can read a comic, instructions for a game or a recipe. Aim for 10 minutes per day. 


Spelling and Phonics

We have finished our phonics for this year, so please complete this tricky words exercise:

 Common Exception Words

Reading Comprehension, Grammar and Punctuation and Writing

Aim to do one of these tasks each day for 15-20 minutes.







Grammar and Punctuation

Reading Comprehension


Writing: select a task from the writing menu (see below) OR write about what you have been doing for the class blog.

Writing: select task from the writing menu (see below)  OR write about what you have been doing for the class blog.


Key Stage 1 Writing Tasks for the Summer Term from 1 June:

Please click here to see a  menu of writing tasks for your child which can be completed during the summer term.  

500 Word Challenge 


Note to Parents

There are guidelines provided for the amount of time to spend on each activity. However, these may not be suitable for your child. Please adjust the timings to suit your child. 

If you are struggling to complete all of these tasks, please focus on reading, spelling and phonics.

If you have any questions about home-learning, please contact you class teacher via the school office: 



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