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Curriculum Tasks




Purple Mash - complete the 2Do and then try to create your own similar game.

French (KS2)

Music - with accompanying worksheet



New Curriculum tasks will be added to the web-site on Monday 20 April. If you complete all of the tasks before then, you could try one of the mini-projects below. They can be adapted for use with most age groups using help from an adult. 

If your child is using the internet to search for information, there are links to child-friendly search engines included. However, it is important that your child is always supervised when using the internet so that they are safe. 

Geography Mini - Project

Explore different places in the world using the links:

Lake District

The Alps


The Galapagos  Islands

Write a postcard from each place describing some of the features you have discovered.

History Mini- Project

Find out about these famous people:

Neil Armstrong

Emmeline Pankhurst


Create a fact file.

Science Mini-Project

Find out about the mini-beasts which live in your garden or yard:

Make a potato trap

Make a bottle bug catcher

Identify your bugs 1

Identify your bugs 2

Free choice Mini Project

Explore a place of your choice.

Use  a safe search engine such as Swiggle or Kiddle which is designed for children.

Free choice Mini Project

Create a fact file for a famous person of your choice.

Use a safe search engine such as Swiggle or Kiddle which is designed for children.

Music Mini-Project

Make your own percussion instruments


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