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Religious Education Curriculum at Cononley Primary School

To see our Curriculum Statement, please click here.


What our pupils will learn

As a school, we use the North Yorkshire Agreed Syllabus and the accompanying scheme of work to provide the content of our RE curriculum. The scheme of work is thoughtful and stimulating and develops children’s knowledge and understanding of religions and world views, enables them to express and communicate their ideas and gain the skills needed for the study of RE. The curriculum is divided into three strands:


  • describe, explain and analyse beliefs and practices, recognising the diversity which exists within and between communities and amongst individuals
  • identify, investigate and respond to questions posed, and responses, offered by some of the sources of wisdom found in religions and worldviews
  • appreciate and appraise the nature, significance and impact of different ways of life and ways of expressing meaning


  • explain reasonably their ideas about how beliefs, practices and forms of expression influence individuals and communities
  • express with increasing discernment their personal reflections and critical responses to questions and teachings about identity, diversity, meaning and value, including ethical issues 
  • appreciate and appraise varied dimensions of religion


  • find out about and investigate key concepts and questions of belonging, meaning, purpose and truth, responding creatively 
  • inquire into what enables different individuals and communities to live together respectfully for the well-being of all
  • articulate beliefs, values and commitments clearly in order to explain why they may be important in their own and other people’s lives.

Please click here to see the content of the North Yorkshire Syllabus for R.E. 2019-2024. 

How our pupils will be taught RE:

The RE curriculum is delivered using a rolling programme for Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 to enable all of our pupils to receive their full entitlement within our mixed-age class structure.


At Cononley Primary School, the RE curriculum is taught using the North Yorkshire scheme of work to deliver the  EYFS curriculum. The units are linked to the rolling programme for Key Stage 1, taking account of our mixed age classes. EYFS pupils are taught in variety of ways through adult-led and supported tasks and child-initiated learning in provision areas. Practitioners will take into account the Characteristics of Effective Learning when they are planning, leading or supporting learning.

Key Stage 1

The RE curriculum is taught in a block of lessons during the term.

To see the rolling programme for KS1 with  links to the EYFS curriculum , please click here.

Key Stage 2 

The RE curriculum is taught in weekly lessons.

To see the rolling programme for KS2, please click here. 


Progression and Assessment


Regular observations and assessments of learning are recorded using an on-line journal (Tapestry) and contribute to a summative assessment at the end of EYFS using the Early Years Outcomes for The World – People and Communities. Pupils’ learning in RE is assessed using the outcomes from the RE scheme of work. 

KS1 and KS2

Pupils' learning is assessed during and at the end of the unit, using the learning outcomes which are part of the North Yorkshire scheme of work. The assessments contribute to a summative judgement at the end of the year.

To see the summary of progression of skills and understanding in RE, please click here. 

To see the learning outcomes for RE, please click here


The impact of the curriculum will be reviewed at the end of the year through observations and assessments of pupils’ learning and through pupil discussions about their learning. The wider impact of RE will be assessed through SMSC and PHSE.


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